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In Özel Bağcılar Diş, the first examination is carried out by our Chief Physicians.

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Your treatment is planned by meeting with our specialist dentists within Özel Bağcılar Diş

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After your treatment, your big and healthy smile will return.

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After your treatment, your big and healthy smile will return.

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Learn the answer to any question you wonder about dental health from dentists who are experts in their fields..

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Defeat the Dental Fobin!

In our clinic, we have personnel who have received psychology training in the field of Dental Phobia..

Talk to Your Doctor

The first step to overcoming your fears is to talk to your Dentist. You can find a solution by talking about your fears before the appointment. Our staff, who are also experts in the field of Dental Phobia, is with you to overcome your fears!

Dikkatinizi Dağıtın

It may be helpful to focus your attention on other things, not your appointment. When you come to Özel Bağcılar Diş, you can distract your attention by chatting with our staff ready to assist you.

Find the Right Dentist

It is also important to find a Dentist who understands you and knows how to approach you in order to overcome your fears. Özel Bağcılar Diş's expert staff in their field is the right choice for you!

Understand Your Fear

Think about why the idea of visiting the dentist scares you. Understanding the nature and source of your phobia is the first step to defeating it. The reason for your fear will guide you in overcoming your phobia.

Get Help

If your phobia is such that you cannot cope on your own, you may need to seek professional help. A professional perspective can allow you to try different ways to overcome this fear.

Reward Yourself

A reward after treatment can make things more malleable and help you get through this stressful moment more easily.